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Butterfly Double Burner Stove
  USPK 2418
List Price: $129.00  Our Price: $118.00

Item: #2418
Size: 30 inches wide, 10 inches tall, 12 inches deep
Mfg: Butterfly
  • Best-Selling kerosene stove in the Philippines, Indonesia, etc.
  • Fuel is fed from a 1.8 quart bottle through a pipe, then a valve, into a burner.
  • The valve controls the amount of fuel that gets to the wick, and in turn, the flame height and heat output.
  • Bottle can be removed and refueled while the stove is in use (the cap has a spring-loaded shutoff)
  • Maximum output is 7,000 btus per burner
  • Runs about 12 hours on one bottle of fuel (one burner).
  • Uses a flat, woven, fiberglass wick. ASAP is the only source for fiberglass wicks for this stove. The manufacturer uses asbestos wicks for this stove but they are not legal in the United States.
  • The Butterfly Oven works perfectly on this stove because the bottom of the oven is designed to fit over the steel burner frame to stabilize the oven.
  • Stove comes with two wicks (one per burner) - extra wicks available at very competitive prices.
  • This Stove requires assembly.
  • This stove needs to be used on a flat surface for proper operation.



Package of 2 Fiberglass Wick Replacement for Butterfly Stoves Make sure you have spare wicks on-hand. $6.00

Extra fuel bottle for 2413, 2418, 2419, 2415, 2417 Make sure you have at least one spare bottle on-hand for emergencies. This fuel bottle works with models 2413, 2415, 2417, 2418 and 2419. It can be removed and refilled while the stove is in use. $14.95

  Oven Bake on any hot surface with this oven! Works especially well with many stoves sold here. $69.00


Mr. Funnel Model F1 Pour the kerosene through Mr. Funnel and instantly remove water and debris from the fuel. $16.95


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