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Kerosene Stoves, Kerosene Ovens and Lanterns.

These products are an inexpensive way to cook and enjoy life without Electricity.

All kerosene product is currently out of stock due to a fire in the main warehouse. New product is expected by late October 2014 so please check back.

Brass Kerosene Pressure Stove #2412- Pressurized stove can be easily disassembled and carried in a backpack. $69.00 Click, for more information

Single Burner Stove #2413- Top seller! 7000 BTUs $70.00 Click, for more information

  Double Burner Stove- $118.00 Click, for more information

Double Burner Stove With legs Legs- $130.00  Click, for more information

  Triple Burner Stove- $139.00

Click, for more information

Triple Burner Stove With Legs- $150.00

Click, for more information

22-Wick Commercial Aluminum Stove - $80.00

 Click, for more information

16-Wick Stove- A nice, hot, 10,500 BTU assembled stove. Newest addition from Butterfly with improved fuel tank, welded wick tubes, and plenty of heat if you want to bake, fits the oven perfect. $50.00 Click, for more information

   Sockwick Stove- The Sockwick is a high quality stove that utilizes a woven cotton, circular wick. 8,700 BTUs, adjustable flame, sealed tank. $70.00  Click, for more information

Entry-level stove produces 7000 btus. This one is already assembled.-  $39.00          Click, for more information

2-Burner 10-Wick Stove- A 2-burner stove for the budget minded. Two 7,000 BTU burners. Easy Assembly required. $69.00 Click, for more information

22-Wick Stove- The hottest kerosene stove available.


Click, for more information

Camping Oven With Heated Tempered Glass. Bake on any hot surface with this oven! Works especially well with many stoves sold here.- $69.00 Click, for more information

Mr. Funnel Model F1- Pour the kerosene through Mr. Funnel and instantly remove water and debris from the fuel. $16.95 Click, for more information

Pressure Lantern with Removable Shade - Probably the brightest lantern you've seen, this lantern produces the equivalent light of a 300-400 watt incandescent bulb. (Price includes removable shade.) $89.00 Click, for more information

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