Eskabe Gas Conversion Kit - DVEL 8

  • Part Number: Eskabe-Gas-Conversion-Kit-1220

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Gas Conversion Kit for Eskabe or Ashley DVEL 8

NOTE: When purchasing this kit, you will need to note in the comment box in the shopping cart whether you are converting from LP to NG or from NG to LP.

WARNING: Gas manufacturers do not recommend converting gas types on their heaters.  A couple decades ago, it was easier to convert gas types because the gas regulators, which are different with LP and Nat. Gas, were external to the gas valves and were therefore replacable.  New gas valves have the regulators built in, so changing the gas type requires changing the entire gas valve.  If you choose to purchase this kit, you should have it installed properly by a licensed gas professional.

Each kit includes one gas valve with the proper regulator, a minimum rate screw for the valve that is appropriate for the gas type and the heater size, plus a pilot orifice and main gas orifice to replace your existing ones. Note that the DVEL 8 gas valve is a manual valve - that is, it does not have a thermostat built in.

Gas valves are inspected and checked to make sure the plastic cap is in the correct position and that it moves as it should from Off to Pilot to On.  Gas valves are not returnable.

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