Orbis Mark 2 and 3 Maintenance Kit

  • Part Number: Orbis-Mark2and3-Maintenance-Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs

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Tune Up your Orbis Mark 2 or 3 direct vent gas heater!

This kit includes all the parts that typically lead to problems with your heater.  By purchasing the kit, you save 20% over buying each part individiually.  Plus, you may save yourself a second or third visit from your gas company or plumber.  When a pilot won't stay lit, it's not obvious whether the problem is a bad thermocouple, a leaky gasket, or a plugged pilot injector.  It is possible to use special tools to test each part to determine which one is faulty.  Most repair technicians don't have the training or equipment to make the proper diagnosis, so they generallly take their best guess as to which parts need to be replaced.  They order the parts, make a second trip to your home to install them, then often have to order more parts and come back a third time.  This can get expensive real quick.

Our Maintenance Kit includes all of the items that eventually wear out, break, or get clogged.  For spark, you get a new push button Piezo igniter, the wire that leads to the electrode, plus the ceramic electrode.  You get a new thermocouple, and a new pilot injector plus main gas injector for either Propane or Natural Gas.  Finally, you get 3 new gaskets - one for the front cover, one for the pilot assembly and one for the lower window.  Note that this kit does not include a new pilot assembly.  That part is no longer available and we have only 2 in inventory which will be reserved for customers who truly have a faulty one.  This part rarely breaks.

Specifically, here are the parts you get:


Thermocouple # 200/21012
Gasket, Top Window 200/41036
Gasket, Access Cover 200/21009
Gasket, Lower Window 200/41022
Piezo Ignitor  200/42039
Piezo Lead Wire 200/21015
Ceramic Electrode 200/21013
Pilot Orifice 200/21006 (LP) or 200/21007 (NG)


 When you order this part, please specify in the comments box during checkout the model number (Mark I, II or III) and the gas type (natural gas or Propane).





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