Orbis Calorama and Comfortview Pilot Injector - NG

  • Part Number: PCCV-5006N

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This part works for all Calorama and Comfortview Natural Gas heaters.

Replacing your old pilot orifice on your Orbis heater can sometimes be challenging as the orifice tends to get stuck down in the fitting on the Pilot and Main Injector Bracket, Part P17H00105.  The best way I know of breaking it loose is to insert a 1/4" sharp drill bit into the pilot gas fitting, tap it lightly so it grips, then turn clockwise using pliars or a locking wrench.

If you cannot remove the orifice, you must replace the Pilot and Main Injector Bracket, Part P17H00105 and the gasket, Part P48H00041, along with a new pilot orifice. 

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