Myson 325 and Thermar TL200 Gas Side Maintenance Kit

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  • Part Number: 50/40020R

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Myson 325 and Thermar TL200 Gas Maintenance Kit

Save 20% (over buying the parts individually) on this kit that contains the most often-purchased repair parts for the gas delivery side of your Myson or Thermar tankless water heater. We also sell a Waterside Maintenance Kit, part 50/40010R, for rebuilding the diaphragm and thermostat.

This kit includes the following items:

Thermocouple part 10/13848 (#16 on diagram) (
Thermocouple Fixing Nut part PMG-12/13055 (#17 on diagram)
Ceramic Interrupter Insert 10/13846 (#15 on diagram)
Thermocouple Connector part 10/13849 (#14 on diagram)
O-Ring for Diaphragm Slide Pin part 20/11822 (#42 on diagram(
O-Ring for Drain Plug part 20/16200 (on bottom of #38)
Slide Pin for Thermostat Assembly part 10/11904 (#32 on diagram)
Pin for Automatic Valve Assembly Pin part 10/12373 (#41 on diagram)
Retaining Plate part 10/12342 (between #31 and #32 on diagram)

We would normally include the Ceramic Electrode, part 10/14793, a pilot orifice (19/12691 for LP or 19/12690 for NG) and a new Pilot Assembly, part PMG-22/13059 in a kit like this, but due to the low inventory of these discontinued items, we are saving them for customers who specifically need them. They are on the website and can be ordered separately

NOTE:  We also sell a Water Side Maintenance Kit (it should display as the first or second item under the Myson/Thermar Category, or search for part 40010R) that is very popular.  It replaces the rubber diaphragm, steel plate, and all of the O-Rings inside the diaphragm and thermostat.  If your hot water delivery is acting up, this kit should fix it.  These units are built like tanks using high quality steel, stainless steel, copper and brass parts. Unlike new units, they are completely mechanical and require no electricity to run.  Most failures are due to failing rubber parts that were never meant to last more than about 10-15 years..  Buy one of these kits about every 10 years and your water heater will likely outlive you.


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