Myson and Thermar Waterside Maintenance Kit

  • Part Number: 50/40010R
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs

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This kit is used to rebuild the Thermostat and Diaphragm on Myson 325 & Thermar TL200 water heaters. A "tune-up kit " to resolve leaks at the thermostat and diaphram housing area and to resolve fluctuating hot water due to faulty diaphram and "O" ring seals. Kit Includes diaphragm, silicone lubricant, 9 assorted 'O' Rings for Thermostat Repair, plus complete instructions. 

A leaking thermostat will lead to rusted parts and improper heat modulation.  Let it go too long and you will need to purchase a rebuilt thermostat.  We recommend one of these kits about every five years.  If properly maintained, your thermostat should last for decades.  If you've never rebuilt your thermostat and diaphragm, you should do it now to avoid problems.  It's easy and inexpensive and will keep your water heater working another 10-15 years.

 We also have a Myson and Thermar Gas Side Rebuild Kit that includes the parts that most frequently cause trouble on the gas delivery side of the unit.  Search fo part 40020R.


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