Eskabe And Ashley Parts

Eskabe and Ashley Gas Direct Vent Heater Parts

We stock virtually every part for the following gas heaters:

Eskabe DVEL 8
Ashley AGDV 8
Eskabe DVEL 12
Ashley AGDV 12
Eskabe DVEL 20
Ashley AGDV 20

The parts in these two brand heaters are identical.  We buy our parts directly from the manufacturer in Argentina where the heaters are manufactured.  If you have an Ashley AGDV 8, 12 or 20 heater, just look up the part number in your Ashley user manual and enter the last 5-6 digits in Search to find your part.  If the part says it fits the DVEL 8, it will also fit the AGDV 8.  Same for 12 and 20.

If your heater is acting up and you don't want to have to deal with 2-3 service calls for someone to diagnose the problem, we sell Maintenance Kits for each model.  These kits include all of the parts that are responsible for about 90% of the problems you can have with a gas heater.  If you consider yourself "handy", you should be able to replace all these parts yourself.  If you smell gas, however, shut off the main gas supply and call the gas company.



Part Number+ Product Image Item Name Price
010202D Nut, Burner Tube

Nut, Burner Tube



01021713D Pilot Assembly, Dvel20 Ng

Pilot Assembly, Dvel20 Ng



01021714D Pilot Assembly, Lp Dvel20

Pilot Assembly, Lp Dvel20



01022002C Vent Cap, Dvel20

Vent Cap, Dvel20



0102210C Vent Cap, Dvel 8

Vent Cap, Dvel 8



01022111B Ignitor Wire, Dvel20

Ignitor Wire, Dvel20



01051402 Eskabe Piezo Igniter (all models)

Eskabe Piezo Igniter (all models)



01140701D Control Knob

Control Knob



01140908C Ignitor Button

Ignitor Button



01143301C Thermocouple, Dvel8

Thermocouple, Dvel8



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