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Parts for Orbis Comfortview and Calorama Vented Gas Heaters

ASAP Heating has been your source for Orbis parts since the brand was first introduced in the United States. While the heaters are no longer sold in the US, we still carry a full line of parts to keep your heater in top shape. If a part is not listed, use our Contact Form to explain what you need. We do have a few salvage units that we can pull parts from.

When Searching for a part number, try using only the rightmost digits. For example, if searching for a thermocouple for an Orbis Mark II or III, you will find several variations of the number: 200/21012, 200-21012, POG-200/21012, etc. Just enter 21012 and you will quickly find the part you are looking for.

Link: Installation and User Manual for Orbis Comfortview and Calorama - Click Here
Link: Orbis Vent Installation Guide - Click Here
Link: Mark Series Exploded Parts Diagram - Click Here


Part Number Product Image Item Name Price
BK-2 2 Fan Blower Kit (NLA)

2 Fan Blower Kit (NLA)



200/11031 Adapter, Main Gas Line

Adapter, Main Gas Line



PCCV-5005 Adapter, MB Injector

Adapter, MB Injector



200/42040 Adaptor, Gas Valve, Reg

Adaptor, Gas Valve, Reg



BK-TST1 Blower Activation Switch (NLA)

Blower Activation Switch (NLA)


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 Sold Out 

200/41015 Bolt, Therm Control Gas Valve

Bolt, Therm Control Gas Valve



200/41033 Bolt, Wall Mounting

Bolt, Wall Mounting



50/30001 Broach GB3020

Broach GB3020



200/22156 Burner Support Plate Gasket

Burner Support Plate Gasket


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PCCV-5010 CAL/CCV Thermocouple

CAL/CCV Thermocouple



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